RPH Construction Services, Ltd.

Project Management Services for the EPC Industry

RPH Construction Services, Ltd. place a significant amount of emphasis on the need to properly plan a project.  The Construction Industry Institute has attributed failed projects (i.e. schedule and cost over runs) to a lack of adequate scope definition and lack of adequate planning as the top two causes for over twenty five years.  RPH Construction Services implement formal planning processes separate from scheduling

Our planning process is based on the following steps:

1. Development of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the entire scope of work.

2. Configure proven, best practice work flow diagrams among the owner, engineer, OEM and contractor stakeholders for the specifics of the project.  Each work flow diagram has a starting and completion Checkpoint (milestone) aligned with historical, successful projects.

3. “Cloning” the configured work flow diagrams based on the WBS

4. Attaching the work flow diagrams to create a single network diagram of the project.

5. Developing detailed deliverables registers for owner, engineer and supplier stakeholders.

Particular attention is given to the Engineering and Procurement activities.  Detailed deliverables are identified, defined and commercially integrated into Engineering and OEM contracts.

The network diagram with commercial and progress milestones is then refined by experienced engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning professionals.  The idea is that these professionals “step back” and look at the “big picture” to ensure it makes sense based on their experience.

Upon completion of the planning process, the deliverable is a best practice network based on the competence of experienced people, ready for subsequent development of a proposal or baseline CPM schedule.